Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Back to 365

After months lurking in the corner of my sewing room and the medaillon staring accusingly at me from my design wall, I have finally picked this up again. Oh yes, I am months and probably over 100 blocks behind but never mind, eventually I will get there (she says... ever so hopeful!)

I assembled the medaillon and the first border before the summer and haven't touched it much since.

I have the next borders ready but for the 4 corner blocks that were realised in.... April (oops!) I read so many comments about how difficult these were that maybe that put me off! Anyway, I decided to finally give them a try one by one and I must say they weren't as bad as I feared!

Back to fiddly blocks (6') with lots of tiny pieces and even some Y-seams (ooooh).

All ready to finish the second border and grow the medaillon a little.

And here is the center piece!

The next border is made of 2 rows of 3' blocks and I believe (hope) that I have all of those sewn already (we made those at the beginning of the year while I was still more or less sewing along). Hopefully I can add that next border soon as well and then concentrate on all the blocks I have to catch up with (and there's loads!). But in the meantime, I just made one little 3' block just for fun! One with 7/8' squares and HST, bordering insanity...  it didn't come out too bad after all.

Those 4 corner blocks and the tiny 3' block take my total for this month to 34, above the target for the month!
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Elephants galore

Finally, an old UFO has come out of the box and I have made some blocks. I am so grateful for the Lazy Bums group to push me (for the second month...) to pick it up again.

I made the 2 first elephants when the quilt-along started in February 2015. They've been waiting for some company ever since!

The blocks come together rather quickly once the pieces are all cut... Not sure why I sat on this project for so long but I have been having fun with these little elephants after all.

I made all the Mummy and Daddy elephants

and also all the babies.

It feels good to have finally made great progress on this UFO/WIP after so many months and to finish all the elephants at once, I didn't think I'll go that far!

These additional 13 blocks make a total of 23 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge.

And then, I wasn't sure whether to only keep elephants in the quilt or do keep to the original pattern. So I decided to ask the recipient and she opted for the original pattern.

So now I only need a few colored blocks to finish the top. I am planning to finish the quilt for her birthday in February.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

And more blocks!

Along with the elephants, I also continued to catch up with my bee blocks in the last week or so. And I am so pleased that all the machine sewn ones are now finished, whoop whoop!

I made 2 wonky star for Jackie for Scandi Bee

as well as a bubble for Tori for Bubble Bee 2

I also made 2 Wanta Fanta blocks towards my quilt - 6 more to go!

and also one more Barn Door Block from last month Block Lotto (this will be a bonus block for the winner)

6 more blocks this week, taking my total for the month to 29!
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Monday, 17 October 2016

A finished summer/autumn cushion

This week-end, I finally finished the Summer Solstice QAL by making a lovely summery/fall-inspired cushion. And what can I saY? Well I love this fluffy new cushion and the lovely warm colors it had to the room.

The single block for the quilt-along finished at 24' with the sashing so perfect for a massive cussion/fllor cushion. I finished the piecing last month just in time for the quilt-along parade on Melissa's blog

 And I was happy to find time earlier in the month to quilt it (without a frame). It made me realised how much harder it is to quilt without a frame!

using different quilting patterns for each of the sections of the block

I have been wanting to try to add pipping to my cushion for a long time so I thought I would take the plonge with the lovely dotty fabric I had for the back. It's not perfect but it turned out OK!
and I inserted a (wonky) zip at the back of the cushion.
2 techniques that I have planned to use for a while but hadn't had a chance! I'll probably use them again as I love the finishing it gives to the cushion, far more professional and neat that the envelope cushion cover.

And this one OPAM and my finished goal for October as well as the first project off my Q4 FAL list.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bee blocks catch up

WIth the summer and being away for holidays and then work, I have fallen behind with my bee blocks in the last few months. So I am steadily working through my list trying to catch up!

I finished a bubble for Michaela

and a star block for Britta

a Tic Tac Toe for Francis
2 sea waves blocks for Anna
and finally a long belated feather for Svea, which was the last block for Fat Stash Bee
And I am now up to date with all the "machine sewn" bee blocks, which feels good.
And I also managed to make 3 Mummy Elephants and 1 Baby Elephants for my Elephant Parade UFO! -  all from my stash

A good start for the month with 10 blocks for the 350-blocks project so far.
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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Q4 Finish Along - goal setting

Last few months before yet another year is finished. It usually gets busier and busier as we head towards Christmas so maybe I should bear that in mind in publishing my list!

1.Cat tote bag for Christmas present?

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL 

3. Wanta Fanta - needs 8 more blocks

4.  Book Bee quilt - blocks ready

5. Sashiko Along

6. Elephant quilt - only 2 blocks done 

7. Mod Mod Along - plenty more blocks are needed 

8. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago!

9. PE bag C

10. PE bag A

11. Soaps to give at Christmas

12. A very merry Christmas Town

13. Summer Solstice cushion

14. Make up pouch as Christmas present

15. Dance bag for C

Bonus/Joker project: Make one item of cloth for myself or someone else!

And I need to add a seasonal project, one that has been abandoned at the cutting stage 2 years ago.... my Fair Isle quilt (if I can find the fabric that is!)

15 projects is more than enough in the run up to Christmas I think!

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Q3 Finish Along review

So 3 quarters of the year are gone and Christmas will be upon us before we know it. We have had a mix summer in terms of weather but have found lovely weather on our holidays in Ardeche. And for once, I have crossed a bit off my list, including some selfish sewing, with 2 new bags for me! 8 out of 15 is not bad, considering we have been back and forth to France quite a few times. I must say I am really pleased to have made so much progress in my list!

1. Rock Star bag - finished

2. Quilt for my friend's 40th birthday - finished

3.  X string quilt - finished

4. Lap top bag - I have taken it apart and it needs to be fixed and sewn together again - all done

5. Elephant quilt - only 2 blocks done 

6.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - fabric cut

7. Mod Mod Along - more blocks are needed 

8. Wanta Fanta - needs 8 more blocks
9. Maker's Tote for me - finished

10. Book Bee quilt - blocks ready
11. Teachers' presents for pre-school - done

12. Teachers' presents for Miss C - done

13. Teachers' presents for middle school - done

14. Sashiko Along

15. M new school bag - abandonned!

16. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago!

Bonus/Joker project: Make a dress for myself

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