Saturday, 14 October 2017

Cigarette pants

I know, I know, yet another new project. Last week, I asked hubby if he thought I could make myself a new pair of trousers for my meeting the following week. His (wise) response was that considering I was going to be away for work for a few days, that was quite unlikely... But you know, I like a challenge of course, so on Saturday I got my Maker's Atelier's book out and the lovely seersucker fabric I had bought a little while ago from Fabworks and I decided to get going.

Now the trousers is not difficult, it is only the leg pieces and the inside waist band. I cut it and started assembled most of it on Saturday. Now my fabric was quite stretchy and I measured my waist too big so I had to take it back a little on the front and back. The trousers also have a zip on the side but it was quite easy to insert using the method described in the book.
A first for me, I did the blind hem on my machine too, and that meant that the trousers were ready to wear for my meeting on Wednesday.
It has come out a little loose at the waist, so I will definitely need to cut one size down for the waist but I love the pattern and can see more!

Another one of my  Q4 FAL and another OPAM for October. Also linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Sorbetto - finally

My first dressmaking UFO? I started the black crepe Sorbetto when Colette did the sew along back in the Spring and I got all the way to the assembly with the sleeves and finishing left to do.

I had planned some organza sleeves but I just couldn't work out how to them neatly. So I pushed this project to the side.
 Recently, I decided to give up on the organza sleeves and to make some plain sleeves with the same black fabric I had been using so that took me one step further. I also finished the hems on the body and sleeves
And this left me only with the neckline. So I first tried the continuous bias method from Colette website and with the fabric I was using, it came out as a disaster. So I unpicked the whole neckline. I then decided to use the same technique as the Jenna cardigan I was working on as well. So I sew the neckline again... only to realise I had sewn it on the wrong side of the garment. So I unpicked it all once more..... And finally I have sewn the neckline and top stitch around the neck like and this garment is finally finished! I'm so glad!

One \OPAM  for October and one my first Q4 FAL! since I miss the deadline (just) for Q3...

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


My list is filled with different types of projects so I decided to categorise them to make it easier and maybe challenge myself to make in all sub-categories. Let's see if that will work in the run up to Christmas!

1. HK quilt for E (all cut)

2. Modern HST triangles (half of the blocks are done)

3. Super Mario quilt (half of the blocks done, a real UFO)

4. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???)

5. Impromptu quilt (a real UFO)

6. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....)

7. Pink Bee blocks quilt 1 (all blocks finished)

8. Pink Bee blocks quilt 2 (all blocks finished)

9. Long Time Gone (top ready for quilting)

10. Gipsy Wife (in progress)

11. 365 challenge quilt (about 25% of the blocks done)

Bags etc:
1 Blanche Bag for A - fabric picked

2. Blanche Bag for C - fabric picked
3. Floral Supply Case - not started
4. Power trip bag - not started
5. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me
6. Handbag for me 
7. Make up pouch for Christmas x 3?
8. Toothbrush pouches for Christmas x 2?

1. Lizzie Skirt - kit awaiting
2. Faux leather jacket / fabric picked
3. Imagine dress
4. Ginger jeans (sparkly blue)
5. Lander trousers (green) - started

6. Lander trousers (silver)
7. Demoiselle dress for A
8. Demoiselle dress for me
9. Sorbetto top (crepe) - nearly finished

10. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue
11. Megan NielsenI Matilda dress
12. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black
13. Colette violet
14. Swingset skirt A
15. Swingset skirt C
16. Jenna cardi black
17. Jenna cardi white
18. Jenna cardi panda

19. Blackwood cardigan lavender
20. Blackwood cardigan blue
21. Toaster sweater peach
22. Pyjama M
23. Pyjama A

24. Nightdress C
25. Nightdress for me
26. Pyjama for hubby
27. Winter coat Named Clothing
28. Cape
29. Moneta black and blue
30. Moneta white and gold
31. Mayberry dress by Jennifer Laurel
32. Cigarette pants by Maker's Atelier
33. Barkcloth dress Marbella
34. Daphne day dress barkcloth
35. Belladone dress barkcloth

Many of these are carried from the previous quarter I know but there are so many projects I want to try..... and yes I think I have what's now called a ridiculously long list!

Linking to Q4 FAL


Monday, 2 October 2017

Q3 FAL in review

Let's think.... off course the list was too long, even more so over the summer and with 2 almost conflicting urges in my head.... dressmaking and quilting are now running head to head in the contest for my spare time and I am having struggles to choose what to do usually (I know I shouldn't with such a long list but this is it!) Anyway, it was very much wishful thinking to have a list of nearly 40 items to go through but never mind... I did complete a few (just a few....) and after all, that's what's important I think.

1. Blanche Bag for A - not started

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - all cut, it would be good to have it done for her birthday in April

3. Belle Bag for C - not started

4. Modern HST quilt - half of the blocks done

5. Super Mario quilt - a few blocks still needed 

6. Project 48 quilt/Solstice Challenge

7. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago! 

Sorbetto top (crepe) - nearly finished

9. Floral Supply Case Sew Along - not started

10. Power trip bag

11. Bridgetown Dress - not started

12. Lizzie Skirt - not started

13. Farmer's wife - first plan was to finish it by Mum's birthday but this is probably unrealistic now....

14. Teacher's gifts (lower school) - done and gifted

15.  Make-up pouch for Mum's birthday- done and gifted

16. Leather (faux) jacket

17. Pink bee blocks quilt 1

18. Pink bee blocks quilt 2
19. School bag (C) - finished
20. Long TIme Gone Quilt - top is finished

21. A-line dress

22. Summer dress for A

23. Demoiselle dress for A

24. Demoiselle dress for me

25. Imagine dress

26. Ginger jeans

27. Ogden Cami blue - done

28. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue

29. Megan NielsenI Matilda dress

30. New handbag for me

31. Pyjama bottom M

32. Pyjama bottom C

33. Pyjama bottom A - done

34. Orsola dress

35. Peony dress

36. Ogden cami red - finished

37. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black

38. Colette blouse

Many of these will be carried to the last quarter of the year and of course I will have to add to the list as there are so many other things I want to do..... 


Sunday, 1 October 2017

October goals

Another month, already? Really? Time seems to fly so much at the moment...

Hoping for finish
1. Lander trousers (green)

2. Dance bag for A - this will be my One Monthly Goal
3. Dance bag for C 
4. Jenna cardi (panda)

5. Sorbetto top

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks
2. Gipsy Wife - my goal is to keep up with that one

3. Postcards of the world
4. Bee Blocks quilts - make tops x 2

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way 
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks 
3. Mischief blocks

New Project
1. Power trip bag
2. Flora case
3. Jenna cardi black
4. Cigarette trousers 
5. Colette blouse
6. Demoiselle dress for A
7. Imagine dress 
8. CaliFaye Valley Blouse
9. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress
10. Faux leather jacket
11. Coat
12. Lander trousers (silver)
13. Passport wallet for me
14. Helen's closet cardigan
15. Pyjamas/Nightdress for all the family


Saturday, 30 September 2017

September in review

September has been a productive month, on top of decluttering (fabric including !!) I have quite a few finishes and got to play again with my overlocker....

Hoping for finish
1. School bag for C - this will be my One Monthly Goal - done in time!

2. Dance bag for A
3. Dance bag for C
4. Sorbetto black top - nearlly finished!

Bee Blocks 
None! for the first time in years!

1. Farmer's wife, let's try for another 10 blocks
2. Gipsy Wife - my goal is to keep up with that one

3. Postcards of the world - finished 7th frame and started 8th

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way 
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks 
3. Mischief blocks

New Project
1. Power trip bag
2. Flora Case
3. Bridgetown Dress
4. A-line dress 
5. Summer dress for A
6. Demoiselle dress for A
7. Imagine dress 
8. Ogden Cami red - finished

9. CaliFaye Valley Blouse
10. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress
11. Cardigan Jenna - started

12. Pillow cases x 3 - done

13. Passport wallet for me
14. Helen's closet cardigan
15. Napkins from fabric bought on holidays - done

16.Pyjamas/Nightdress for the kids - one pyjama bottom done



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