Tuesday, 30 August 2016

One step forward

I had planned to finish this long standing UFO this month, but it won't be.

The binding is still missing. I am not sure why it took me nearly a whole week to quilt it on the frame, but anyway. quilting is done now.

And of course, all it needs now is a scrappy binding, hopefully for September.
This was my goal for August so this is a fail :-(

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Two little flowers

Just a little slow stitching while it is so hot to complete my 2 Inchy Hexie Flowers for August

2 more blocks taking my total to a small 7!

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Maker's Tote

I have also finished another bag. still for me this month with my new Maker's Tote (pattern by Noodle Head)

I used all fabric from my stash, which again is a good feeling! and for the first time ever, I used some of my selvages to make a pocket.
First time using FlexFoam which gives a lovely body to the bag but not easy to sew through by hand for the binding
Adding the side panels wasn't the easiest and mine are not perfect but never mind!
I made the bigger size and the bag is huge and very roomy, perfect for taking my craft supplies on holidays!

I love the shape of the bag and all the internal pockets as well as the outside zip pockets to keep the important pieces safe!

I must admit I am almost tempted to make a smaller one now.

And this is another OPAM for August as well as another item of my Q3 FAL list.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A few blocks

I seem to have swapped the heavy block making for the quilts/bag making days at the moment, my block production has fallen a lot, so much that I have been behind in a few bees for a little while and that I have completely stalled in the quilt-along, sew-along. I am sure I will eventually get back to them! (well at least I hope so, I surely don't need any more UFOs...)

Anyway, this month, I made a Bubble for Alicia

2 Diamonds for Betti - which have caused me lots of trouble....

An Abacus block for Chris

and a Quatre-foil block for Sarah - not my usual palette I must admit but I love her choice, very Mediterraneen
That makes 5 blocks (only) for the 350-blocks challenge and I doubt I will complete many more this month...
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Friday, 19 August 2016

Rock Star

That's how I should feel now! This week I made myself a Rock Star bag using Sara at Sew Sweetness pattern.

And there were a lot of first with this new bag:
first time using one of Sara's pattern which I found well written and easy to follow
first time using Flexform which is lovely and give a great drape to my outer fabric

first time sewing with vinyl (glitter vinyl even to be more rock!) - and that went a lot better than I expected, the teflon foot was useful there

first time with bag feets - I love them

first time with a firm bottom (the bag not me!) and again I love it

The bag went together relatively quickly, it took me 2 evenings to assemble it and I redid the zipped pocket on the outside because the vinyl made it bulky and the sides/corners were wonky.

I learnt a lot from making this bag and using vinyl. I guess one of the most important point I learned was that when using vinyl, it is not necessarily a good time to plan to sew on the wrong side and turn out. Vinyl doesn't fray so it the sides can be kept raw. On the other end, it is bulky and quite unflexible to turn. I realised that quickly when making the handle extenders and the strap.

So of course my bag is not perfect, but I love it. I am glad I made it and made it quickly and I love the look of it. The outer fabric came from my stash from a few years back and good hardware makes it look very professional I think!

This one of my FAL list and one OPAM for August!

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Monday, 1 August 2016

August goals

This month will be a mix of work and holidays for us so I am not sure how much time I will spend behind my machine but maybe I can catch up with my bee blocks and work on a few other projects. Anyway, I have a long list as always!

Hoping for finish
1. Scrappy X block quilt - only need quilting -  this will be my choice for August for the One Monthly Goal with Heidi
2. Maker's Tote - almost all cut
3. Rock Star bag - fabric selected but not started

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (August
2. Bee Hive (July, August
3. Bubble Bee (June, August
4. I love Lucy International (June) 
5. Scandi Bee (June, July, August) 
6. Fat Stash Bee (July) 

1. Wanta Fanta - need 8 more blocks 
2. Elephant Parade my Lazy Bums challenge for October was to make 10 blocks 
3. A very merry Christmas town 
4. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL - I am so behind...
5. Postcards from the World 
6. 365 challenge quilt - let's try not to fall behind too much and maybe make the corners to sew the central medallion completely? 
7. Town and Country quilt - I am so behind.... 
8. HST modern sampler quilt - 2 blocks behind
9. Project 48 - let's try to catch up 

10. Pumpkin Passport 
11. Summer Solstice Sew Along
12. Sashiko Along 

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 - not started
2. Zodiac BOM not started
3. Gipsy Wife QALnot started

Linking to Red Letter Quilts one monthly goal.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

July review

So we are half way through the summer and the school holidays have finally started! There have been so very busy week-ends for us this month but it has been a great month for finishing items, not so graet for blocks!

Hoping for finish
1. Quilt for C for her 40th - this will be my July goal for the One Monthly Goal with Heidi -  I need to go from these 4 blocks to a finish quilt in about 3 weeks, wish me luck! - finished

2. Teachers gifts - all done

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (June, July) - done

2. Bee Hive (July) - not done
3. Bubble Bee (June) - nearly there
4. I love Lucy International (June) - not done 
5. Scandi Bee (June, July) not done
6. Fat Stash Bee (July) not done

1. Wanta Fanta - need 8 more blocks - no progress
2. Elephant Parade my Lazy Bums challenge for October was to make 10 blocks  no progress
3. Scrappy X block quilt - last blocks in progress - only one more block to finish the top! - top finished

4. A very merry Christmas town - little progress

5. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL - I am so behind.... - no progress
6. Postcards from the World no progress
7. 365 challenge quilt - let's try not to fall behind too much and maybe make the corners to sew the central medallion completely? - no progress
8. Town and Country quilt - I am so behind.... -  no progress
9. HST modern sampler quilt - 2 blocks behing nowno progress
10. Project 48 - let's try to catch up - not caught up but I made some more blocks, I am about 10 blocks behind

11. Pumpkin Passport - some progress

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 - not started
2. Zodiac BOM not started
3. Gipsy Wife QALnot started
4. Summer Solstice Sew Along - started

5. Snowflake Sew Along -  I won't join that one after all
6. Maker's Tote - cut
7. Sashiko Along - started

And in total, I have completed (only) 30 blocks this month! The total is lower than previous months but then I have FINISHED lots of items this time!


Friday, 29 July 2016

Laptop bag remake

About 5 years ago I made a laptop bag with fabric from IKEA for the outside and a tea towel for the lining. I didn't use a pattern and used what I had on hand for hardware etc...

 and the trouble was that the strap was soft and narrow and not solid enough for the laptop so it broke quickly...
I have been meaning to fix it for a long while and just couldn't find the energy. Finally, I recently grabbed the bag and took it all apart back to the "shell"... quite an achievement in itself as I hate unpicking.

I cut the flap off (I had tried to make it all in one piece but it didn't quite work) and attached it back to the bag using one of my favorite ribbon to cover the seam
I used velcro for the faastening instead of the hardware that just didn't work there

And finally used a large webbing for the strap that is much more solid and appropriate for the bag.
In addition, while the bag was torn apart I used some Vilene S520 Firm interfacing for the body of the bag and it is so much more rigid now, perfect for a laptop. But because of the stiffness in the bag with the interfacing, I thought it would be hard to turn through an opening so I used some left-over binding from my barrel bag for the top of the bag, perfect recycling project!

I must say I love how this bag has turned out now that it is modified/remade/improved.
And this is my last OPAM for July and one more off my Finish Along Q3 list.



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